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About Sazzyloo

I can only put it down to having a Mid-life crisis -  most people would go out and buy a sports car or a convertible, but I decide to quit my job (of which I have held for nearly 20 years) and open a ladies boutique.  

3 years on and it's been an incredibly exciting journey and a massive learning curve but I have been swept along and finally got my head around buying Spring/Summer collections in the autmn and Autumn/Winter collections in the spring, forward ordering, drop 1, drop 2 and in season buying.  The sad little empty shop that I walked into has been transformed into an 'on trend' boutique and I can't wait to visit the 'Pure' and 'Moda'  trade fairs again!!.

My adventure has just begun and i'm the proud owner of 'Sazzyloo' a small ladies boutique providing high quality high street brands to the ladies of Launceston and beyond.

For me though
 it's about the customer experience and I pride myself on my Customer Service,  so if you are passing Launceston way stop in and say hi and take a look at the great brands we have just waiting to be explored.

Alternatively take a browse through this site and I hope you find what you are looking for.